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The Gospel Legends

Names like The Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Blind Boys, and The Gospel Keynotes may not seem that familiar; but back in 1990 they represented the musical and spiritual blueprint from which sprang The Gospel Legends Quartet, known individually to their families at the time as Allen and Scott Pringle, Anthony Alston and Chris Jacobs. Actually coming together to sing for a birthday celebration at Columbia, South Carolina’s Faith Hope & Charity church, no one could have possibly known then that a full thirty years later, the celebration would still be carrying on.

But in 2020, the Gospel Legends are indeed commemorating three successful decades together. And although some members have come and gone over the course of all those years, the Pringle brothers have remained the heart and soul of the group all along. With their 8th studio album, Just One Touch, due for release December 11, 2020 Allen now insists their purpose has never wavered. 

“The mission, and only mission, was to give God all the praise and
glorify his name,” he explains. “To be encouraging and uplifting to the masses. To make an impact on someone’s life that feels no hope, but finds something inspirational in what we’re saying in our songs.”

With two years having passed since their previous recording, there were actually no great artistic dramas that kept the group apart. Rather, Scott points out that it was merely, “God and life…and our families” that have had them busy in the interim. But the inspiration to share their stories has always been there—and this latest album proves that their music has very much grown up with them. 

“Our music is very mature now,” Allen observes. “At a point we was looking for grooves and catchy songs; but having been through so many of life’s different ups and downs, our music has evolved and become more relatable to everyday people and their situations.”

With the Gospel Legends’ online fanbase (young and old) continually growing, they are looking forward to Just One Touch reaching more new people than ever—and doing it with a message that never fails to inspire. 

Allen enthuses, “With the songs on this new record we want to bring joy, encouragement, praises and a release to
troubled hearts, if only for a short moment. Things will get better, and through Christ all things are possible.”

Amen to that.

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